Kathryn Phillips

I was born in California and grew up in Santa Rosa and ended up in Idaho in 2005. I am the oldest of 2 girls, my little sister Lyzzie still lives in Santa Rosa with my 2 nephews Felix (15) and Johnny(8). I live in Fruitland with my husband of 10 years, Clinton, and our 3 kids; Christopher, 18, Jeremy, 17 and Mia, 8. I love to cook, bake, read, and listen to true crime podcasts. I love Mexican and Italian food equally and all things chocolate. Before Annex I worked in the Fruitland School District in Special Education, Title 1, the Computer Lab, Yearbook editor, Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper in K-4 and before here, the middle school. This year I got my dream job; a classroom all my own. I love seeing my students grow in learning and as people. I love connecting with them and seeing them come back & visit (yes-even middle schoolers). Being a teacher is truly a joy and I feel so blessed to be here.