Penny Roundtree

Mrs. Roundtree recently joined the Annex staff. This year she will be focusing on helping students in mathematics. She is excited to be teaching here!

Mrs. Roundtree has been teaching for almost 30 years. During that time, she has received many exciting learning opportunities. Mrs. Roundtree was chosen to live in Hawaii for a summer, while studying volcanoes on the island of Hawaii. She has always been fascinated with volcanoes and was able to teach classes about volcanoes when she finished her studies.

Mrs. Roundtree was chosen to study space science in Florida which included being able to watch a space shuttle launching at Cape Canaveral. She was also the recipient of a National Food Chemistry award in Washington D.C., she stayed in Washington D.C. for two weeks while studying Food Chemistry and sight seeing.

Mrs. Roundtree and her husband recently returned to the Weiser area where they had both grown up. They both have family here and enjoy living in a small community. They enjoy golfing, bicycling, four wheeling and getting together with their family.